A Sneakviber…

I’m not confident in many things. It’s very easy to tear myself down when it comes to trying a hobby or participating in a group effort. I find peace in attempting new things with no fear of judgement. Writing, apart from music has always been a saving grace. It took me a while to realize I should merge the two. After months of customizing, editing and finding my voice, I think I’ve created a decent music blog.

Titled Sneakvibing, the blog covers urban, alternative genres. I review singles, albums and throw my two cents in quite often; Is that considered an editorial? While my insecurity still runs rampant, the certainty I have in music and writing about it is oddly satisfying. I’ll still be posting little introspective things on Intro-vert, but it’ll be less than the pathetic regiment I have now. You can be assured there will be a new write-up at least twice a week on Sneakvibing! I’m kinda proud of this blog, so read it if you want to hear an introvert write about music!

CLICK THIS: sneakvibing.wordpress.com



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