Since I was In middle school I’ve dreamed that my first boyfriend would be my husband. I knew I had high standards even at a young age, and oddly that didn’t discourage me, but assisted my patience. There was a glory in waiting I appreciated, and just knew would pay off. So when I met this dorky brown guy online, I treaded carefully. Little by little, our cheesy get-togethers at coffee shops turned into late night dinner dates. And his persistence in me sparked my interest in him. My life began to revolve around him and our careless PDA, tight hand holding, long sweet kisses and well- needed back rubs. I felt all this security and appreciation from this man I never would’ve known if it wasn’t for Tinder ( I know guys, I’m shocked). This man that was fresh from India. This man captured all the silent desires of my heart —and then shattered them.

There is NOTHING like getting your heart broken. This is one of the most emotionally intense events of my life (so far), yet I feel courageous because I chose to end it. Time showed that our values in life differed, and our passions didn’t line up quite well. Our souls were distant because we both struggled with those clashing values: abstinence, traveling, religion. At 22 I broke up with my first boyfriend and I can’t say I didn’t enjoy our time together. I’ve learned so much about myself and I now I know precisely what to work on. In my bluesy, soggy, tear-soaked face I’ve found a clearer perspective of myself and that is a priceless gift I’ve never would found if it wasn’t for  “Alladin.”



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