Apples or Oranges…

Most women are seen as an apple, a moderately sour one that is lightly browned to a foresty hue. An unassuming introvert that has a spicy personality if you just get to know her. She’s exciting, but not overbearing. The perfect woman, desirable to men- admirable to women. Super sweet, caring, but nibbles the soft edges of your perception of her. She’s persistent, reliable, but emanates a confidence of self- while still building it. That is 2017’s it girl- an that is not me.

Entering the threshold of a new year has given me some ambition to find myself-my growing self that is blossoming into a woman. Spending years exploring who I want to be only stunted the real adventure of finding who I am. And I feel that many woman struggle with this. So let me tell you why I am the most annoying orange.

Let me start off with the fact that I don’t have bangs-  I develop a butthurt jealousy anytime I see a girl with one because I’m forever stuck sporting a linebacker forehead. Partially because my hair takes about a millenium to grow an inch. I like flimsy dresses, but it usually doesn’t cover my thighs well so I subscribe to dark colors and wear strangling skinny jeans. I speak my mind like an unapologetic sailor.  I challenge men ALOT and sometimes it’s effective. I love to be the center of attention and make people laugh. Stroke my ego please- I won’t retreat back into a sweet muddle of modesty. Let me not like you without feeling bad. I really don’t like you and that’s okay.I might just get insecure at times, but I’m vocal and overbearing.  At the same time I’m true and working- my sourness can only last in your tongue so long before it becomes a  sweet dew.

So hoorah to the apples in my life- and I welcome the budding oranges.


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