Those Evil Powers of Elusive.

I recently leased my apartment. It was a great challenge I had to conquer, as a matter of fact it was agonizing because it forced me to start striving for what I want. With that said, my roommate who already started moving in to her own place, desired for me to move in with her. Expressing the need to be on my own, I told her that I leased the apartment that was formerly ours and gave her a deadline to have her things out.

With a supposed understanding that we were on good terms and coming from a stressful all- nighter, I came home to a trashed apartment. My clothes scattered the floor next to partially melted frozen food. The heat and electricity turned off. The stove and fridge were gone and my pretty bedroom lights slashed. It was such a disaster, I thought I could only be dreaming.

This was hate.

Though I called the landlord, and ended up receiving help from family, friends and neighbors- I felt an overwhelming sense of defeat. I wasn’t defeated because she destroyed my things, but more by the realization that being on my own threatened her.

She did everything to destroy my newly renovated identity and that’s what racism does. Did she act in racism? Most likely not, but much like racism; she couldn’t tolerate the shift in power. And the extremely sad part about it, is that though she had and was getting so much more than I, the bit I had was too much for her to accept.

With the chaos involving our president- elect and the issues it entails, I urge every person to understand that people fear change. Racism, Sexism and Homophobia, are the sects to the fear people have of change. My roommate, a young white woman- the same age as I was angered by change. So let’s not make change elusive like fear.


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