Penile Daydreams…

Quads, Hairy chests and large hands. I can’t stop thinking about them. I don’t know if my hormones are all bent out of shape but I am obsessed with observing guys. I’m sure all girls have thought like this every once in a while, but not in 11:00 am algebra. And it’s not in a lusty sense. I guess I’m just curious than ever how men look naked, especially ones I see everyday… Is that weird?


One thought on “Penile Daydreams…”

  1. I get that, although for me, it is more how women look naked. The clothes that they wear show a bit. The variety of the naked human body seems endless. It is almost as if the perfect Hollywood body has become a little bit boring.
    Oddly, in this world of unlimited selfies, I still hate my photo being taken. Yet when taken from the neck down, it isn’t so bad. Feel free to have a look at my photo. Just a warning, I am naked.

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