To Mr. Chronic Cougher

I have a professor that I can’t understand. I’m taking a composition class and his methods for writing is driving me as crazy as his weird coughs. There’s nothing drastic or out of touch that he instructs, but I think that’s why I don’t enjoy it. There’s nothing challenging. How does an aspiring journalist that is fresh out of a creative writing class, enter a writing composition course and not leave the class unfulfilled. All his models and frameworks lead to being dry objectives.

And I shouldn’t be surprised because the purpose of the class is to learn how to simply right a college-level paper. But c’mon dude, you can add some excitement to it? I’m not sure he appreciates the creativity behind writing, even if it is a 10-page thesis on something as static as cancer or diabetes. Let’s do some rapid fire writing! Help the students find their persuasive voice! Let’s peer review on something other than a political cartoon. PLEASE.

I know you can do better sir.


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