I understand Respect, Do you?

Admiration. Esteem. Compliance. Appreciation.

These are words I love to practice everyday and emulate for and to other people. Because I apply these attributes with severity in my life, I expect reciprocity. And this is where the problem comes in; I find myself compromising these same morals when it comes to relationships. Simply, taking bullshit from people has become a constant in my life. Being the half-ish introvert and naturally calm person I am, I have executed countless strategies and efforts to subtly duck the blows of disrespect from co-workers, friends and family. Compulsive thoughts and bits of internal rage convinced me that no one truly liked me. And I confirmed those thoughts in reality by acting on the idea that I basically have to sell myself. Though there are some valuable factors in that philosophy- I shouldn’t always look for someone to like me- but I damn sure deserve to be respected. And with that key distinction, I changed my method: Set Boundaries!

Aretha wasn’t lying when she said  “I gotta have a little respect.” Those were true words from a fed up woman. And while as cheesy and grandeur that sounds- those lyrics are an affirmation. You don’t have to like me, but please respect me as a human being. SPEAK UP! I had to continually tell myself that. Explaining my dissatisfaction with a person isn’t a waste of time If I truly value myself. Respect is needed especially in a time where it’s become a fleeting social forum, rather than a sincere commonality- But that needs to change. To be respected is a right, to be liked is a choice.


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