RANT: Beyonce’s “Formation” and facts for the passionate disregarder

The negative responses I witnessed after what I personally thought was a positive revolutionary performance from Beyonce was frightening – and so for all you quick to cast such cruel and harsh judgment, let me give you a little perspective…

1. The Black Panther Party did not desire violence, but were willing to use violence to have equal opportunity in housing, education and employment. Not only did they represent blacks, but all people that were oppressed during that era.

2. Beyonce’s message wasn’t against the police, it was to increase awareness on the systematic police brutality towards blacks, which is unfortunately true and hard for many patriotic people to swallow.

3. “I like my baby hair with baby hair and Afros”
” I like my negro nose with Jackson 5 nostrils”
“You mix that negro with that creole make a Texas bamaaaa”
“You just might be a Black Bill Gates in the making”— Beyonce is celebrating and declaring her Blackness! People are mad because she is a woman with power and influence who could easily be another celebrity titled as “racially ambiguous” and trot under social issues, but she didn’t.

4. The reason ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬, BET, Black History Month,‪#‎BlackGirlMagic‬, and any other programs and trends based on providing essentially for the African-American community exist, because a large part of society does not want to hear or see the black narrative, story or experience shared; Its a stinging reminder of our history and lack of progressiveness in our future. In many of those stories White people are not the good guys, so it’s not relatable and quickly disregarded as encouraging “White hate.” And there are people who race bait, but just like the police-don’t blame a whole organization over a few bad apples.

5. Yes, Jay-Z probably did sell drugs when he was younger and now that he is a successful mogul and multi business owner, he and Beyonce has to let every black boy and girl know that no matter where you come from, you can make it.

6. For all those people that are so quick to assume the worst, let me let you in on something- you might think that many black people are cocky or prideful- but many of them see no value in themselves so they cast a very shallow exterior. If a person sees no value, they have no purpose. It is imperative that our black youth have role models to look up too, especially black ones. It says to them I made it, so you can make it too!
Personally I always knew I was smart, but I didn’t have confidence that I could be someone who changes the world until I saw Oprah -real talk- When I saw how business orientated and how intelligent she was as a black woman that wasn’t the “sexiest” – that encouraged me to be more than another statistic.
PS. Using the illuminati, as the reason for Beyonce, Jay-Z or even Kanye West’s success is a blunt slap in the face. What your insinuating is that “a nigga can’t have that much influence without selling their soul to the devil” (excuse my French) Your taking away all of their dedicated hard work as a successful African American entertainer and replacing it with a bogus theory.
You know who we should really be focusing on? These wealthy elite families who lowkey lead the country. Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, even Barack Obama are all poster children to the “real presidents” that we never truly see. They keep us entertained while their “friends” lobby their own agenda.


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