I found this short piece I wrote in a blog I was experimenting with about a year ago. Though a bit aged, it’s relevance is so heavy. I personally believe it is a partial producer and result of America’s social, cultural, and political climate today. I thought I’d share it.


The tendency to choose vanity over stability is a current issue in America, but there is a particular exaggeration when it comes to the urban community; especially for the poverty stricken part. Drugs, alcohol  and sex. Three overused words in America because they are  strongly endorsed in pop culture – but even more so in the urban community. Thanks to Rap and Hip Hop. In today’s world, this genre is centered around the idea of gratification.

The more explicit, the better, and the reason why it stays current is because it appeals to people in poverty. The talk of the struggle is relateable to everyone. My problem comes when the substance of the song is encouraged more than the motivation to leave that lifestyle.

That’s what Rap and Hip Hop originated from anyway right? The artist is letting you know “I made it so you can make it too!” That’s not the case in 2014.  There is, of course a personal connection because this genre originated from the black community. It created a forum for people to say what they want and share their feelings with the world. With that given, it is now to a point where we can do better. These artists are doing a disservice; because now the audience has broadened including middle class white teenagers who feel enforced to live this dangerous lifestyle to establish social credibility. And these young people are educating themselves on untrue statements and false pretenses that later become stereotypes. So while it is a therapy to some, its a law to others. What we should enforce is education, friendship and longevity rather than promiscuity, narcotics and gang war. If there is anything we need in America, it is positivity. What do you think?



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