Yellow Fever: A racial preference or something more?

Last week I happened to cross over a New York Times miniseries based around people of color successful in the comedy industry. One of the comedians, Kristen Wong is a performance artist who uses outrageous stories and skits to expose deep-rooted assumptions and notions when it comes to race and culture, particularly Asian stereotypes. At a certain point, she mentioned the troubles of dating as an Asian woman. She referenced Yellow Fever which is the attraction of Asian women by caucasion men.

This interested me, and it didn’t take long to open the unbearable world of obsessions and fetishes around, predominantly Asian women. This sparked a seemingly simple question: What is the source of this? And like always, I got a classic yet jumbled indirect answer of racism, perspective, behavior and middle-aged white men.

While surfing the interweb I found an interesting documentary On “Yellow Fever”. It was created by PBS and from what I believe has 4 parts to the series on Youtube.  For everyone that’s interested, here’s the link!

let me know how you feel in the comments!


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