Obsessions. Obsessions. Obsessions!!!!!

Lately I’ve been reading ALOT of gossip blogs and articles and have been obsessed with a substantial amount of celebrities. Since I haven’t written a story in more than week, I would like to share my favorite things that have happened in pop culture recently. These are my top 5.

1. Solange’s Wedding

Let me just start by saying that the creme themed wedding was brilliant! The star studded family took great dramatic photos that confirmed my suspicions that Solange is and always was a true afrohipster. And her husband, Alan Ferguson who happens to be 51 is quite fine himself. Though their age difference is over 20 years, I can understand why she would marry someone like him. Of course, I cannot forget the queen BEYONCE, who rocked a simple white dress that hugged at her curves. Little Ivy looked adorable in her afro and Jay looking like a boss as always in a nice off white suit. I also want to include Julez, Solange’s son. I hope no one takes this in the wrong way, but he is gonna be so fine when he gets older. Those blue-greenish eyes and that dark curly hair is gonna break some hearts. Overall, it was a great event, and I LOVE the fact that Janelle Monae was featured in the picture. I can imagine her and Solange being besties.solange-knowles-alan-ferguson (1)

2. Luke James and Jessie J

I have so much joy that these two are together. I don’t think anyone understands just how much I adore this couple. When Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo split up, I lost a celebrity couple I really loved. I love young couples that are successful, hard workers and talented. There is something very hopeful about it. Since the split, there haven’t been any young celeb lovebirds that have grabbed my attention, until this one. First of all, Jessie J is my girl for the mere fact that her vocal talent is so superior than any other artist under the age of 30 that is relevant right now. She is a power to be reckoned with, and though she recently got everybody dancing from her recent hit “Bang,Bang” with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, I still don’t believe she has reached her prime yet. Luke James is what I call a man. He is someone with honest lyrics, a sultry voice and a magnetic presence that let’s his listeners understand just how sensitive he is. His music has a very ‘grown and sexy’ vibe and he is an all out gentlemen. I am not surprised that he was the opening act for Beyonce’s tour. They both have very mature souls;They are both advid supporters of true R&B and I appreciate their vocal artistry. I really hope they last, and they should make a song together.boyfriendluke

3. Nicki Minaj Vogue Photos

SNATCHED! SNATCHED! SNATCHED! Nicki Minaj is my spirit animal. Everytime I think about her, I get excited because this woman has found a way to reach a worldwide audience through rap music. When you consider her rough life and troubled background, It is a huge accomplishment to do the things that she has done. She bodied the Vogue cover and page layout. She is letting everyone know that she is a classy lady and a beast! Her attitude is unapologetic and her style is all out, but she has not changed for NO ONE. She represents every girl out there that knows the struggles of living a certain life, especially in the slums of New York. I cannot say how proud I am of Nicki. She Is one of the BEST rappers, and dominates the r&b/hip hop scene. Yes she’s raunchy, yes she goes there but that is Nicki for ya and you know she #aintmissinnomealsnicki nicki nicki

4. ‘THE REAL’ Television show

Whoever conceived this idea, you deserve a clap! I am absolutely in love with this show, because I can truly say this is one of the honest daytime talk show panels on television. The show consists of 5 hosts who are all diverse women who have been successful in their careers. Tamar Braxton, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Loni Love, Jeanie Mai and Adrienne Bailon. All of them have been prevalent in my life at one point in time and now to see them all together is awesome. They all represent the modern day woman, and have real conversations about real things. I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!thereal8

5. Jaden Smith’s Music

You know the cute kid that was in ‘Pursuit of Happiness’? Ya, him who just happened to be Will Smith’s son; is all grown up! I have been OBSESSED with Jaden ever since ‘After Earth’ came out, but it has been taken to another level after listening to his music. This guy is talented. I can’t even define how ‘before his age’ he is. Some consider him the teen who avoids attention to get attention, but I think that he wants to spark a different perspective;especially for his listeners. His recent song “Fast” gives you a sample of what he can do and I think we will get many more in the future.He reminds me of a smarter and smoother Q-tip. I don’t know if anyone is aware of the 90’s rap group called ‘A Tribe Called Quest’, but Q-tip was the leader of that group. Though this 16-year old still has a lot to learn when it comes to staying out of bad media, I have to say he is a frugal business man. With a clothing line titled msfts (meaning misfits) and his music career, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the next Jay-Z in about 20 yrs.jaden-smith


*** The Duggar Family

This might come as a shocker but I can’t get enough of the Duggar fam!I don’t care what anybody says, I love this family. They might be a little crazy for having 18 children or because they’re devout Christians, but that is no reason to hate them. Lately I’ve been watching this show daily. I have fallen in love with how the family treats each other. They all work together and try to help one another. And though I’m sure it might be a little different off camera, I can still see the love they have for one another. Though they may be strict, it seems like their lifestyle has benefitted them. Jill and Jessica, the two older sisters just got married and both of their husbands are FINE. I love how they are God-fearing women who are not afraid to tell guys that they can look but not touch. That is a great quality to have for a modern day woman. Even though mainstream doesn’t like them, I do.They both have amazing husbands and I can’t wait to see their babies!duggar


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