Thoughts from a slightly Millenial Virgin

So I’m a virgin. Whenever anyone finds out that I am, I either receive a look of sympathy or a look of shock. If I could be fully transparent here, I honestly get offended when that happens. Mostly due to the fact that many assume that I am this person that leisurely sleeps around, which couldn’t be more untrue. I won’t deny the fact that I could be a little raunchy sometimes, but that doesn’t mean I live such a lifestyle. And for the people that do, its not the best way to maintain a romantic relationship. I’ve seen the damage that occurs when sex is added to the relationship, because emotions get involved. It makes decisions harder to make. Other than my religious beliefs, this is one of the many reasons why I am an avid supporter of keeping your virginity for the one you marry.  When you date someone there won’t be any urging attachments or conditions because there is no sexual connection. As a 20-year old college student I can not say it isn’t hard, but it is possible. My motivation is to know that when I do finally give myself to someone, it would be something that could last forever.


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