Am I A Natural Nazi?

Earlier today, I was having lunch with a friend conversing over what weave she should get for her hair. I jokingly made a comment about how I love having my natural fro, because I don’t have to worry about that. Then she said something that had me analyze myself for a second. “You Natural Nazis… are so bougie.” I was taken back for a second because I never thought of myself as that. I’ve witnessed the mental shunning by girls with natural hair, motioning a wave of silence to weave-wearers. It’s almost as if you have to take a side. If you wear weave, you can’t hang with “the naturals”. It’s in someway a conflict of belief. Hair in the black community is like a religion, in some sorts. It is an obligatory part of life to have your hair looking “good”. And this is where the problem comes in; what is considered good hair? Natural versus Weave is something of an infinite dilemma, but I rather focus on how beautiful every brown skin girl can look in it. Different strokes for different folks is my motto. Every girl looks good in a particular style and in today’s world it has little to do with the idea of “cultural awareness”. That is a cheap excuse, especially with the emergence of foreign appreciation in pop and fashion culture. I’m going to do my part to make sure not to segregate people based on hair. The last thing the black community needs is something else to further separate each other. At the end of the day, If you love yourself you should feel confident in whatever you’re wearing.


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