Fat Hipsters

I live in Buffalo. Where the brightest thing that happens every year is either a local parade or the visiting of a celebrity. It’s pretty dry, but though there is a surplus of boredom, there are some good things going on. I have kind of assimilated myself into the little counter culture style here in the town of Elmwood. It’s actually quite neat. There’s a lot of great businesses and the people are friendly. One thing that I have noticed though, is that hipsters run this strip; and they’re not young. While it’s refreshing to see older people having the casual look it sometimes gets slightly disturbing, especially when the real ones come out. I say all of this to give my hoorah to those people living life and having fun. It could be hard to break out of the organized culture of everyday. Especially, when your like 45. I love Buffalo. I love Elmwood and I love not so skinny hipsters.


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