RANT: My Conflict with February.

Since Valentines Day just passed, I thought I could finally get on with my life and stop dwelling on the constant reminder that I am single. The keyword here is thought. And when I began to transition well into my introverted lifestyle again, I seem to have forgotten one detail. It’s black history month! Let’s bring out the chains, whips and deep wounds of our past. It’s that time of the year again where every black person can complain about the racism in America… I know, I probably sound a bit harsh. Isn’t it quite weird how we celebrate love then spend the rest of the month to remembering hate. While the irony has me in my theological state, I think America could never doubt that our hypocrisy is a bit present. Anyways, my frustration with the purpose of BHM has lived too long and I can not hold it in any longer, so excuse my bluntness. I hate it. As I get older, I have noticed that there is more separation between people than ever. If America is such an advanced place, why do we suffer over events that happened centuries ago? The theory that I have come to is that specifically blacks have used the struggles of the past as an excuse to not move forward. Why do we even have a month designated to black people? If anything, the fact of BHM signifies the lack of equality between races. Since kindergarten, I am reminded as a student every year, that Columbus found the new land, Washington was the first President and Abe set the slaves free, yet there is no in depth discussion of the impact of W.E.B Dubois or Fannie Lou Hammer. Black History has been American History for a long time now. Rather than designating a month to black people as a mandatory duty, maybe it would be a better cause to assimilate it into a textbook. And not just a page or two. I am a true advocate for preserving history, and I don’t and will never forget my ancestor’s efforts. I understand the motive of instituting BHM, and its initial effect I’m sure, brought some awareness and acknowledgment of our struggles, but I think the closure of the pain in the African American Community is long overdue. It’s 2014 people, there’s so much more important things in the world that need our attention. So February give your last hoorah and leave! 8 more days…


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