not so hopeless romantic, I guess…

I just realized that Valentines Day is approaching quite quickly, and while I try to ignore it, I can’t help but think here I am, yet again, single and alone. What is making this Feb.14th one of the worst to date, is that majority of my friends have recently found significant others, including my younger sister.It’s so obvious that I am the single one, because I feel the third wheel vibe becoming a new thing when I hang out with them. Am I really that much of dork? Maybe I’m just loathing in my raging hormones; either way I am definitely suffering from the stagnancy in relationships I have. While I don’t want to be that stereotypical girl consuming my sadness through indulgent mini chocolates and super chick flicks, I can almost predict that is what I’ll be up too, almost. I believe everything happens for a reason, so I won’t rush the “right time”, but I sure do hold high expectation and anticipation for when it does happen.


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