“I Hate Niggas”


A few days ago I was talking to a friend on the phone and she said something to me that was funny, but later made me feel very guilty.”I like black people, but I hate niggas,” is what she said. For a few minutes, it took me a while to register exactly what she meant, and when I did, I had to write this blog. First of all to every person that found my title offensive, It’s good to know you have a conscience. I’m studying Henry Thoreau in one of my college classes. Many of his ideas have influenced me to challenge some of the assumptions I make about my own race. With that said, this is one of those.

The friend that expressed this to me was of course black, but what made it so disheartening is that after I laughed, she implied that I agreed, and not only agreed, but that I advocated this idea fully. And though my laugh was considered an automatic agreement, I wasn’t ready to take responsibility for such a strong belief. At that moment I realized I did an injustice to myself and my friend for that. 

To youngsters, ‘Nigga’, despite its century old negative contexts, is a word that has drastically disfigured its connotation, in today’s world meaning friend or buddy. Yet in the black community it’s meanings are so broad, you just have to be black to understand sometimes. And in the way she said ‘Nigga’, she meant the black people who follow all the bogus stereotypes that are portrayed in America. Those twerking niggas, and uneducated niggas. That’s what she meant. 

For some reason, we(black people) tend to dwell heavily on the part of us that is seen as negative, just like everyone else, and that’s why we lose sometimes. We classify ourselves within our own subculture. And those ‘Niggas’ we talk about so leisurely would be a a rumor of the past. Unfortunately, I am the first person to blame. 



7 thoughts on ““I Hate Niggas””

  1. And now you know how 99% of Whites feel about Blacks and “Niggas.” It’s not about race, and hasn’t been for at least a generation; it’s about culture.

  2. Loved this post.

    I’ve heard white people say, “I have no problem with black people, I just hate niggers”, and I’ve always felt like these people were racist no matter what spin they tried to put on it. I’ve actually never heard of a black person saying it until now. Here’s my take: I personally feel that when black people say that they are parroting white supremacy logic. Now, I’m not saying that we have to co-sign someone’s actions simply because they are black, but when you say “I hate niggas” do you also say, “I hate niggas” even when the person is non-black who is perpetrating the same behavior you are being critical of? Probably not. So essentially what you are doing, is defining that type of behavior a black type of behavior.

    Good job on this.

    -The Black Minority

    1. The problem – for you – is that that negative behavior is largely a Black thing, except for, as you blogged earlier for those White fools seeking their “Black Card.”

      Both the good and bad of “Black Culture” are Black. Whites don’t behave in those ways – I wish we did in some positive cases – in a, for lack of a more eloquent way of saying it, holistic sense. While Whites commit every single offense against others and themselves that Blacks do, it’s not done as part of a self-identified culture, i.e., being a nigga.

      You see, the only sense that “White Supremacy” in which still exists is in the clash of Black and normative White American cultures. Those the Blacktivists describe as Uncle Toms, Oreos, House Negroes (When you’re polite(ish)), Race-Traitors, and Sell-Outs do just fine in America because they’ve “immigrated” to America as it were instead of maintaining a deliberately exilic culture that seems, even from your own writing, to be deliberately antithetical to America’s norm.

      As you should have learned from the war that gave your ancestors their freedom, separatists don’t do too well in the US.

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