I want to be a Beautiful Lady.

More and more, I find that women are losing a once celebrated idea, and that is to be a true unadulterated lady. I ponder such reasons and I’ve come to the conclusion that we have lost our roots. Though I fully advocate feminism and the right for women to pursue anything a man can do, I think that sometimes the equality of the sexes can downplay the importance of a woman and what she stands for essentially. When I’m watching television or walking down the street I see pretty women, but only a handful of them I would actually consider to be beautiful. There is a beauty, a profesionalism and a level of respect that a lady has that is assumed. She is important and beautiful. She is modest and confident, but also very humble. It is rare for a lady to express rude behavior or swear because she considers others situations. She gives so she can keep giving. She doesn’t have to flaunt her body because her face tells the story. I want to be that lady and I want you to be that lady also. 

I used Coretta Scott King because she epitomizes what it means to be an absolute lady.Image


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